Extreme Programming
Extreme Programming - XProgramming.COM This is the new site for eXtreme Programming information. A resource for information relating to XP, discussion about XP, and pointers to related topics. (Aug 1999)
Extreme Programming vs. Interaction Design Kent Beck is known as the father of "extreme programming," a process created to help developers design and build software that effectively meets user expectations. Alan Cooper is the prime proponent of interaction design, (Jan 2002)
ExtremeProgramming.ORG The goal of this site is to provide information for companies and individuals who are interested in trying Extreme Programming (a.k.a. XP). Contains some basic tutorials in XP for now. (Aug 1999)
See also: Software EngineeringSee Also: if you are interested in Extreme Programming you may find related topics in Software Engineering
Books about Extreme ProgrammingA complete list of books on Extreme Programming available through Amazon.COM