Bezier curves with source The Bezier parametric curve is attributed and named after a French engineer who used them for the body design of the Renault car. Equations, tutorial, and source in C included. (Oct 1999)
Don Lancaster's Cubic Spline Library Cubic Splines (Beziers) are the key secret to creating smoothly flowing graphic curves. Curves such as those used in PostScript fonts or in NURBs solid models. Don Lancaster's collection of papers explains all you need to know. (May 1999)
NURBS curves tutorial Describes mathematical model for arbitrary curves and surfaces known as NURB (nonuniform rational B-splines). NURB curves are flexible and powerful, but using them effectively requires some understanding of the underlying mathematical theory. (Oct 1999)
Spline curves (in 3D) with source An introduction to 3-D splines: Spline curves originate from flexible strips used to create smooth curves in traditional drafting applications. (Oct 1999)
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