CGAL - Computational Geometry Algorithms Library CGAL provides a geometric kernel, data structures and algorithms for like convex hulls, triangulations, search data structures and geometric optimization algorithms. Open Source. Win32/IRIX/Solaris. (Apr 2001)
Dr. Genius - Educational 2D geometry visualization Dr Geo is an interactive 2-D geometry software. It allows the construction of interactive geometric figures based on mathematic properties. You can also move part of the figure in respect with its properties. GNU freeware for Linux. (Apr 1999)
Geomview - 3-D Geometry Viewer Geomview is an interactive 3D viewing program for Unix. It lets you view and manipulate 3D objects: you use the mouse to rotate, translate, zoom in and out, etc. Open Source. For Unix Only. (Apr 2001)
GINA - Geometry IN Action GINA organizes many computational geometry resources including problems such as Graph Drawing, Quadtrees and hierarchical space dimensioning, minimum spanning trees, mesh generation, and more. Lots of links to libraries. (Mar 1999)
Jeff Erickson's computational geometry pages Jeff Erickson provides a comprehensive index of computational geometry literature and software. Topics include: optimization, convex hulls, Vornoi diagrams, modeling, visibility, and visualization. (Apr 2001)
Kig - KDE Interactive Geometry explorer Kig is a program for use in math classes in high school, much like KGeo, KSeg, Dr. Geo, and Cabri. It allows students to interactively explore geometric concepts Linux (Oct 2002)
NURBS++ - Freeware NURBS library The NURBS++ (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) package includes a matrix library, an image manipulation library, a numerical library and a NURBS library. Supports Unix and Win32 (Jun 2003)
SvLis - Set-theoretic Kernel Geometric Modeller SvLis is a set-theoretic (or CSG) geometric modeller in C++. which is coded in C++. Model sheets, wires and solids. Define parameterized models within C++, using geometric data types, overloaded operators and geometric transform functions. GPL (Dec 2001)
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