Borland C++ Builder
Borland C++ Developers Survey - win prizes Participate in our new survey and have a direct impact on future releases of C++Builder. As a thank-you for filling out the survey we will select five winners to receive a free Borland Professional software product (Jun 2001)
C++ Builder Foundations Provides articles, components, FAQs, IDE tips and help, and an online bookstore devoted to Borland C++ Builder. Don't miss the FAQs! (Aug 1998)
C++ Builder Project Cleaner This program easily deletes unwanted files in a user Borland C++ Builder project directory. As it is just the first release, it only delete C++ Builder projects files, but it will be upgraded soon to clear Delphi project files and so on. Free. (Apr 2000)
Developer's Corner Journal The Developer's Corner Journal (DCJ) contains helpful articles and examples for developers. Our articles primarily focus on Borland's Rapid Application Development tools, Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder. (Aug 1998)
SynEdit Text Editor Component Suite (VCL) SynEdit is a multi-line edit control, for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. It is a full-VCL control (not OCX). Packaged with highlighter classes which are used to syntax highlight many programming languages source code. Open Source (Apr 2003)
The Bits: CBuilder Information & Tutorial Site Latest news and information regarding C++ Builder. Tutorials section includes many "how2" pieces Components section lists components we've tested, and where appropriate what we had to do to get them to work. (Jun 2003)
Unofficial Borland C++ Builder Page Dennis Mattison's effort to provide information on the world of Borland C++ Builder includes a comprehensive set of links to other BCB sites, FAQs, Win32 API descriptions, and a lot more. (Jun 2002)
VCLComponents.COM is a collection of more than 4000 freeware and shareware components for Delphi and C++ Builder. Our database is updated in real-time directly by component developers. Also includes forums, books, tools, and much more. (May 2001)
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