C++ Compilers
Borland C++ - freeware compiler version The Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is a fast 32-bit optimizing compiler. It includes the latest ANSI/ISO C++ compliance including the RTL, the STL framework and C++ template support. And now, Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is openly available for free download! (Feb 2000)
Catalog of Free Compilers From Assemblers to SNOBOL, this site lists the vital statistics (including where to find it) of every freeware compiler known to man. The site includes a search-engine to help narrow your query and ranks results. (May 1998)
CC++ A parallelizing C++ compiler CC++ is a parallelizing compiler with a library of common parallel programming paradigms. Using a cfront-style approach, it is a code-generator that produces parallel executing C++ programs. Supports Solaris, AIX, SunOS, and HP-UX. (Feb 1999)
Compilers.NET - Compiler and language resources Directory and search engine on compilers and programming languages, including various resources on C/C++. (Mar 2002)
ComputerScienceLab - learn C++ and Assembler A fun, low-cost, self-study course in computer programming. The Windows CD-ROM provides all the tools (editors, compilers, and debuggers) for Assembly and C++. Over 100K words tutorial and 80 fully explained examples. $15 (Apr 2003)
Dev-C++ Win32 compiler with source Free IDE and compiler for the C and C++ language (with source). Creates Win32 EXE programs. Includes Debugger (GDB), and multi-window editor with syntax highlighting. Optional $20 donation asked. (Sep 1999)
Digital Mars - Free C and C++ Compilers Digital Mars Free C and C++ Compilers for Win32, Win16, DOS32 and DOS. Fastest compile/link times, optimizing, Design by Contract, complete library source, HTML docs, disassembler, librarian, resource compiler, make, etc., (Mar 2002)
DJ Delorie's GNU C++ version (32-bit, MS-DOS) DJGPP is a complete 32-bit C/C++ development system for Intel 80386 (or better) PCs running DOS. It includes ports of many GNU development utilities. The development tools require a 80386 or better to run, as do target programs.
EGCS - Experimental GNU C++ System EGCS is an effort to breathe life back into the GNU GCC development arena. Current projects involve improving FORTRAN support, Standard Template Library (STL), and pointer-alias analysis code. (Mar 1998)
GCC - GNU C++ GCC can compile programs written in C, C++, Objective C, Ada 95, Fortran 77, and Pascal. GCC is a full featured compiler. GCC is updated to support new features and new platforms. (Feb 1999)
GCC on Win32 for PalmPilot targets Although Unix developers have had a GCC cross-compiler for the PalmPilot available for some time, this project brings cross-compilation for PalmPilot to the Win32 platform. Compile and link C/C+ programs on the PC and download them to your PalmPilot. (Mar 1999)
Intel C/C++ Compiler for Win32 The Intel C/C++ advanced optimizing compiler plugs into Microsoft Visual Studio and is source and object compatible with Microsoft Visual C++. Includes MMX technology and the streaming-SIMD-extensions (SSE/SSE2). 30-days free eval copy available. (Mar 2002)
Jim Roskind's C++ Grammar A clean and complete C++ (circa 1990) grammar implemented using YACC. Later items like templates, exceptions, and namespaces are not included, but itís a great place to start. Freeware. (Jun 1998)
Lucent cfront C++ compiler While it has never been freeware, many people ask us "Whatever happened to cfront?". The simple answer is that it is still supported and provided in many Unix based systems. Check here for licensing info. (Jun 2003)
MinGW: Minimalist GNU C++ For Windows MinGW: A collection of free Windows-specific header files and import libraries combined with GNU C++ and other toolsets that allow one to produce native Windows programs that do not rely on any 3rd-party DLLs. Open Source (Apr 2003)
MPW C/C++ - Macintosh Programmer's Workshop A comprehensive collection of Macintosh core development tools designed to support C, C++, and assembly-language programmers who are writing software for Mac OS 7.x/8.x/9.x. For M68K and PPC. Now available as freeware. (Feb 2000)
Open Watcom C++ and FORTRAN Compilers Open Watcom is a joint effort between SciTech Software, Sybaseģ, and a select team of developers, which will bring the Sybase Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compiler products to the Open Source community. (Mar 2002)
Pentium Compiler Group The Pentium Compiler Group was founded in late '95 to enhance and support pentium optimization in GCC. GCC does a very good job when optimizing, but the Pentium Chip's architecture demanded different optimization strategies. Linux, DOS (w/DJGPP), OS/2, .. (Jul 1998)
TenDRA - free multiplatform C/C++ compiler TenDRA is a free, public domain C/C++ compiler and checker technology. The key innovation is a platform-independent intermediate code. Supports AIX, HP-UX, Irix, Linux, OSF/1, SCO, Solaris, Ultrix (Jul 1998)
Visual C++ Compiler Bugs Demonstrated No C++ compiler is perfect, each may have its strengths and weaknesses. Yotam Medini's site lists annoying examples of perfectly standard C++ code that Visual C++ 6.0 is simply too stupid to handle. (Jun 2001)
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