Text Editors
AbiWord - freeware word processor AbiWord is a freeware word processor which includes basic character formatting, paragraph alignment, Spell-check, Import of Word97 and RTF documents, Interactive rulers and tabs styles, Unlimited undo/redo. Supports Unix, Windows, Beos. (Jul 1999)
BIEW - Binary file viewer/editor BIEW is a free, portable, file editor/viewer with binary, hexadecimal, and disassembler (Pentium) modes. Full preview of MZ, NE, PE, LE, LX, DOS.SYS, NLM, ELF, coff32, and PharLap EXEs. For DOS, Win32, OS/2, Linux, and Unix versions. (Apr 2000)
CE - the simple unix text editor CE will allow new-comers to unix and those who aren't technically minded, or those who don't want to have to learn one of the very user unfriendly editors (i.e. vi/emacs). The design goal was to have just about any computerphobic person using CE. Free (Dec 2001)
Cream - Like VIM only better Cream is a configuration of the famous Vim text editor that makes it easier to use, like an Apple- or Windows-style text editor. It uses Vim's own extensibility to improve menus, keyboard shortcuts, and editing behavior. GPL (Sep 2003)
ED Editor - supports many platforms ED editor has a user interface based on the DEC VMS EDT editor. ED is a true multiplatform editor and can be compiled and run on virtually any platform. ED can edit any kind of file in text, binary, or hexadecimal modes. (Mar 1998)
ED for Windows - Programmer's Editor ED for Windows supports 33+ programming languages. Instantly jump to any function, class, etc. via ED's Source Database. Search and replace across files with regex , run compilers and track errors, C Extension language. Free trial available. (Dec 2002)
MINED - modeless full screen editor MINED is a modeless full-screen text editor. MINED now works with most Unix platforms, MS-DOS, and DEC VAX-11/VMS. It works best at editing small files (50K or less) and can edit many files simultaneously. Regex search and replace. (Jun 2003)
mp - multiplatform programmer's editor Minimum Profit (mp) is a programmer's text editor. Features small footprint, syntax highlighting, context-sensitive help for the source code being edited, multiple file editing, ctags support, word wrapping, and more. Linux/Unix/BeOS/Win32. GPL (Oct 2001)
NitroHex - binary/hex file editor NitroHex is a multi-functional editor that lets you work in hex/dec/octal/binary/ASCII Bytes can be edited in any mode, tokens may be inserted or replaced. Clipboard, diff, and more. Shareware $23 (Feb 2001)
SharpDevelop - an Open Source editor for C#/VB.NET The SharpDevelop editor is completely written in C#. You can compile C# and VB.NET from the IDE. Its user interface is translated to many languages Open source, GPL licensed. (Jan 2002)
SynEdit Text Editor Component Suite (VCL) SynEdit is a multi-line edit control, for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. It is a full-VCL control (not OCX). Packaged with highlighter classes which are used to syntax highlight many programming languages source code. Open Source (Apr 2003)
Vile - another VI clone vile retains the "finger-feel", if you will, of vi, while adding the multiple buffer and multiple window features of emacs and other editors. Runs on MS-DOS, OS/2, Win32 platforms. Complete source in C. (Feb 1999)
VIM - VI Improved editor VI Improved in many ways: unlimited undo, syntax coloring, split windows, visual selection, GUI support. Runs on AmigaOS, AtariMiNT, BeOS, DOS, MacOS, OS/2, RiscOS, VMS, WindowsCE/95/98/NT and every known version of Unix. Freeware with source in C. (Feb 1999)
XEmacs - XWindows based Emacs XEmacs is a powerful, extensible text editor with full GUI support, initially based on an early version of GNU Emacs 19 from the Free Software Foundation and since kept up to date with recent versions of that product. Supports Linux. Freeware in C. (Mar 1999)
Xenon - XWindows based text editor Xenon is a simple X-based text editor. It does not use Motif or any other UI library. Includes search, regex, multiple file editing, unlimited undo/redo. Freeware with source in C. For SGI or Linux. (Mar 1999)
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