Text Utilities
AGREP - Approximate GREP search AGREP is fast searching files for a regular expression, with approximate matching capabilities and user-definable records. Faster than most other greps Supports Unix, Win32, OS/2. Free for non-commercial use. (Jul 1999)
BinHeader - converts binary files to source BinHeader can convert any binary file which would normally have to be shipped separately into an ASCII stream that can be #included into your project. Freeware. (Mar 2000)
c2lib - a Perl/STL-like library of basics for C c2lib is a library of basic tools for C programs. Features like Perl strings and C++ like STL. Includes pool allocator, vector, hash, string-hash, and matrix/vector functions. LGPL (Feb 2001)
CCmdLine - a command-line parser Parsing command lines with the standard C string functions is a nightmare, but CmdLine makes it effortless. CCmdLine was written for use with console apps, but can be easily used in any application which requires command-line parsing. Free (Feb 2002)
CfgOpt - read/write INI files CfgOpt lets you read and write INI files from environments other than MS Windows. For example, MS-DOS and Unix applications may need INI support too. Freeware with source in C. (Mar 1999)
Code.Spell - Source Code Spell Checker Code.Spell checks static strings in your source code. Supports any language which uses single or double-quotes as string delimiters. Runs on Windows only. Shareware $25. (Nov 1998)
Diction and Style - prose readability analyzers Diction and style are two old standard UNIX commands. Diction identifies wordy and commonly misused phrases. Style analyses surface characteristics of a document, including sentence length and other readability measures. GNU Freeware (May 2000)
glark - grep tool with proximity search glark offers grep-like searching of text files, with very powerful, complex regular expressions including proximity search. It also highlights the matches and displays context. Open Source for Linux. (May 2002)
GLIMPSE - free text search engine Glimpse is a very powerful indexing and query system for text files. Supports three types of indexes: tiny (2-3%) of file size, a small (7-9%), and medium (20-30%). WWW interface available. Freeware for Unix. (Jun 1999)
GNU diffutils - shows differences in source files You can use the `diff' command to show differences between two files. `diff' outputs differences between files line by line in any of several formats. Also includes, cmp, diff3, sdiff. GNU Freeware (May 2000)
GNU ISpell - interactive spell checker Ispell is a program that helps you to correct spelling and typographical errors in a file. When presented with a word that is not in the dictionary, ispell attempts to find near misses that might include the word you meant. (Sep 2000)
GREPPES - GREP with Pattern Editing GREPPES are GREP's with Pattern Editing. PDGREPPE can use extended regular expressions with definitions stored in text files for both search and replace. FREEWARE to non-business non-government users. (May 2001)
gsar - Generalized Search and Replace gsar is a tool which can search for and optionally replace strings in both text and binary files. Text or binary can be used in either case. Uses Boyer-Moore search. Words on Windows, Unix, etc. (Apr 1998)
libcache - a better strtok and scanf libcache is a better string library. It's not just a reimplementation of strtok() and sscanf(), but it does recreate them and doesn't come with that infamous "Never use this function" line as found in the strtok() man page. Freeware (Jan 2000)
pcre - Perl-compatible regular expressions The PCRE library is a function library that implement regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as Perl 5. Freeware (Jun 2003)
rcEnvironment - parses multiple .rc files for Unix rcEnvironment provides complete support for parsing Unix .rc files. Resolves any number of configuration files, all with different relative priorities. Support yes/no, true/false, int, float, strings. Works on Linux and Solaris. Freeware (Jul 2002)
SArray - Suffix Array free-text search engine Suffix array is designed for efficient searching of a large text (100MB+). Basically, an array containing all the pointers to the text suffixes sorted in lexicographic order. Freeware for Linux. (Nov 2000)
SWISH - file indexing and search engine SWISH++ is a fast freeware file indexing and searching engine (e.g. for web sites). Handles large collections of files, even MS Office files. Fast retrieval, easy PERL CGI front end included. Supports Unix and Win32 (Oct 1999)
WinMerge - diffing and merging text tool A visual text file differencing and merging tool for Win32 platforms. Useful for determing what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. GPL (Sep 2003)
WordNet - a Lexical Database for English WordNet® is an on-line lexical reference system. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept. Freeware for Unix, PC, Mac. (Jul 1999)
XDelta - File Difference Engine XDelta is a library interface and application program designed to compute changes between files. It is designed as a replacement for diff as used by Revision Control Systems (RCS). Vast improvement in delta storage efficiency. Unix only (Nov 1998)
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