C2J - tranlsates C sources to Java C2J converter provides opportunity to translate C-code sources into Java classes. C2J is being developed using C language. Available as native Win32 or Java bytecodes. Able to translate itself into Java too. GPL licensed (May 2003)
f2c - FORTRAN to C translator Freeware Fortran to C translator considered by many to rival commercial quality products in use. (Apr 1998)
GNU Cobol2C - translate legacy Cobol to C The GNU Cobol2C project is an effort to create a compiler for the Cobol language which will have the ability to interact with existing Cobol libraries and data files. Goals include direct compilation and translation to C source. (Sep 1999)
hp2XX - HP-GL plotter file translator GNU hp2xx reads HP-GL files, decomposes all drawing commands into elementary vectors, and converts them into a variety of vector and raster output formats including EPS, PCX, and IMG. (Aug 1999)
SmallEiffel - a GNU Eiffel translator A GNU Eiffel compiler that is small and fast. Eiffel is an advanced object-oriented programming language. Produces output in C or Java bytecodes. Includes doc tool, pretty printer, and more. Supports Linux, Unix, Win32, and more. (Jun 2000)
uC++ concurrency language extensions uC++ extends C++ with new constructs that provide lightweight tasks on shared-memory single and SMP systems on UNIX. Implemented as a translator which outputs C++ code. Supports Linux and Unix. Real-time capability, exception handling, and more. (Mar 1999)
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