Other Compilers
APL - A Programming Language Nitzler's APL language system, currently at version 0.4, runs under DOS, DOS-DPMI (included) and LINUX. All sources in Borland or GNU C++ are included in this freeware system. (Apr 1998)
C++SIM - Simula for C++ C++SIM is an object-oriented simulation package written in C++. It provides discrete event process-based simulation similar to SIMULA's simulation class and libraries. Includes interrupts and multithreading support. (May 1998)
COMer - COM development language COMer is a programming language that dedicates to the development of C++ COM component. It itself is an Object Oriented Programming Language native to COM mechanism. COM components can be constructed just like as C++ classes. Free trial (May 2003)
Compilers.NET - Compiler and language resources Directory and search engine on compilers and programming languages, including various resources on C/C++. (Mar 2002)
Dev-Pascal free compiler Complete IDE and compiler to create software in Turbo Pascal syntax. Help files included and a Setup creator to create the installations for your softwares. Freeware (Sep 1999)
g77 - GNU Fortran GNU Fortran, also called g77, consists of a compiler, run-time libraries, debugger support, and documentation. g77 supports ANSI FORTRAN 77 conformance, plus popular extensions to Fortran including some ANSI/ISO Fortran 90 features. Freeware (Jun 2003)
GNU Cobol2C - translate legacy Cobol to C The GNU Cobol2C project is an effort to create a compiler for the Cobol language which will have the ability to interact with existing Cobol libraries and data files. Goals include direct compilation and translation to C source. (Sep 1999)
Intel FORTRAN for Linux Advanced optimization features provide an easy and fast way to get optimal performance from your applications. Compatible with most other Linux FORTRAN implementations (Nov 2002)
MCS - a C# compiler for Linux and Win32 The Mono C# compiler includes Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Common Language Interface (CLI). It is able to compile itself on Linux and Win32. Non-Intel Unix ports are underway as well. Open Source (Jan 2002)
MIT Scheme - improved LISP language MIT Scheme provides an interpreter, compiler, and a source-code debugger for Scheme, an integrated Emacs-like editor, and a large runtime library. Supports GNU/Linux, *BSD, OS/2, and Win32. GPL (Dec 2000)
MSWLogo - LOGO for Windows MSWLogo is an educational programming language implementation of Logo. Now supports 3 dimensional geometry. Combined with the Great Logo Adventure Book by Jim Muller, it's hard to beat. It's also FREE (Sep 2000)
National Compiler Infrastructure Project The National Compiler Infrastructure project seeks to improve the state of the art of compiler architectures. (May 1998)
Open Watcom C++ and FORTRAN Compilers Open Watcom is a joint effort between SciTech Software, SybaseŽ, and a select team of developers, which will bring the Sybase Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compiler products to the Open Source community. (Mar 2002)
PERL - multipurpose interpreter PERL is an interpreted language with many uses, its string handling power exceeds the expressiveness of C and C++. This makes it a favorite of CGI scripts and those doing ad-hoc reports and data file conversion. Catch the wave! (Nov 1998)
PERL Compiler Kit - Generates C code for you Provides extension modules for Perl 5.002 (or newer) which let you compile Perl programs. CC backend now acts as a "true" compiler and generates C code for the execution of your program, not just its initialisation. (Jan 2000)
PFE - Portable Forth Environment Forth is a stack-based, extensible language without type-checking. It is probably best known for its "reverse Polish" (postfix) arithmetic. Forth is popular for embedded systems. PFE is freeware and includes full compiler source for Win32 or Unix. (Mar 1999)
PlugSys Xbase compiler PlugSys has a free edition Xbase (dbase, clipper) language compiler. There are both DOS/Win32 and Linux versions. Also has a server page tool (free and pay versions). Free version only requires registration to download (Mar 2002)
POPLOG - LISP and PROLOG environment Poplog is a free integrated, interactive, multi-language software development environment. Includes POP-11, PROLOG, Common LISP and Standard ML. Supports Win32, Unix, Ultrix, VMS, and more. (Sep 2000)
YABASIC - multiplatform BASIC w/source YABASIC implements the common subset of BASIC language features including graphics. YABASIC is similar to BASIC found in 8-bit computers such as C-64, Apple, etc. It includes full C source code and runs on Windows 95, NT, Linux, and other Unix platforms. (Jul 1998)
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