A Tutorial On Pointers and Arrays in C This document is intended to introduce pointers to beginning programmers in the C programming language. Jensen has undertaken the task of trying to explain them in plain language with lots of examples
Agit Informática - C++ Resources in Portugese From Brazil: Linguagem C++, Visual C++, C++ for Linux); forum C++; downloads (C/C++ free source code); C/C++ links (Aug 2002)
C and C++ in 5 Days - A Tutorial Philip Machanick's 65-page PDF tutorial starts with basic language elements and moves you through structured types and bject-oriented design with lots of emphasis on hands-on implementation of common implementation problems. (May 2003)
C/C++ Daily Tidbits This is a great site for users wanting to refresh their skills or learn c/c++ for the first time. Tidbits are practical with working examples and challenging questions. Receive tidbits by email too. (Oct 2000)
C++ Annotations This is intended for knowledgable users of C who would like to make the transition to C++. It is a guide for Frank's C/C++ programming courses, which are given yearly at the University of Groningen. (Dec 1997)
C++ Casting Tutorial Casting in C++: Bringing Safety and Smartness to Your Programs, a tutorial by G. Bowden Wise examines static_cast, const_cast, dynamic_cast, and reinterpret_cast (Apr 1999)
C++ Data Object Library - persistent data C++ Data Object Library has extensive data structures plus three options for fast, automatic persistence. Ideal for large, complex C++ projects. Jolt Award winner. Free software, source code extra. Linux/Win32/Solaris (Aug 2002)
C++ tutorials in Turkish language (Step by step) free online course notes with programs in C an C++. (Apr 2003)
Centaurs C/C++ Page - resources in German News, downloads, links, tutorials, documentation, and forums tailored for beginners and written in the German language. (Jun 2001)
ComputerScienceLab - learn C++ and Assembler A fun, low-cost, self-study course in computer programming. The Windows CD-ROM provides all the tools (editors, compilers, and debuggers) for Assembly and C++. Over 100K words tutorial and 80 fully explained examples. $15 (Apr 2003)
Coronado C Tutorial Coronado's classic C tutorial is an in-depth (100 pages) introduction to the language features. Topics include structures and unions, dynamic allocation, file I/O, and more.
Coronado C++ Tutorial (Part I) Coronado's C++ tutorial includes everything you need to know on encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, and the underlying syntax of the language.
Coronado C++ Tutorial (Part II) Source code example files for above
CRC Tutorial - Cyclic Redundancy Check In this article, Bartosz Milewski will sketch the mathematical foundations of the CRC calculation and describe two C++ implementations--first the slow but simple one, then the more optimized one. (Jul 2002)
CSTutoring.COM - learn C, C++, and C# We have C, C++, C#, and data structures programming programming E-Books, with step by step instructions, indivdual lessons and examples. We also have online tutoring, homework help, exam reviews, online courses, and programming service. (Aug 2002)
Data formats and efficiency - GOTW #72 How good are you at choosing highly compact and memory-efficient data formats? How good are you at writing bit-twiddling code? We consider efficient representations of chess games and a BitBuffer to hold them. (Feb 2001)
DevCentral's Introduction to C DevCentral presents a fast-paced C tutorial that quickly covers Branching and looping, Arrays, C Details, Functions, C Libraries and makefiles, Text files, Introduction to pointers in C, and other topics. (Jul 1998)
DevCentral's MFC and Win32 Tutorials DevCentral presents a series of tutorials on important topics such as UNICODE, OpenGL, wizard construction, Win95 common controls, ISAPI, and others. (Jul 1998)
Effective Memory Management Excerpted from Herb Sutter's Exceptional C++. Answers these questions: What are C++’s distinct memory areas? What is the right way to overload new and delete? What is the standard auto_ptr facility? (Feb 2001)
Encapsulation tutorial - GOTW #70 What exactly is encapsulation as it applies to C++ programming? What does proper encapsulation and access control mean for member data -- should it ever be public or protected? (Feb 2001)
FILEXT.COM - The File Extension Source This site is an expansion of the file extension page that used to reside on the Computer Knowledge site. (Nov 2001)
FindTutorials.COM - online tutorials cataloged The biggest database of free tutorials available on the internet. Thousands of free tutorials on any subject including C++. Visual C++, and VB. (Jul 2000)
Fojek's C++ resources in French Learn how to code in C, C++, Pascal and HTML, and how to use DJGPP and it's libraries. (Aug 2001)
FOLDOC - Free OnLine Dictionary Of Computing FOLDOC is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions, companies, projects, (Nov 2001)
FreeTechBooks - C++ Online Book Collection Fine collection of free online C/C++ programming books. Topics range from beginner to advanced level. A comprehensive collection by many authors. (Aug 2002)
How to use #define - GOTW #77 What can and can't macros do? Not all compilers agree. This example shows how to write a proper MAX() macro as well. (Feb 2001)
How to use std::vector - GOTW #74 Almost everybody uses std::vector, and that's good. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand some of its semantics and end up unwittingly using it in surprising and dangerous ways. (Feb 2001)
Inheritance traits - GOTW #71 This issue reviews traits templates, and demonstrates some cool traits techniques. What can a template figure out about its type -- and then what can it do about it? (Feb 2001)
Introduction to O-O Programming Using C++ This course is intended for students who want to learn more about object-oriented programming. Concepts presented are exemplified using the C++ programming language. This course is not intended to learn C++ in all its details. (Dec 1997)
Introduction to Programming Languages This book is intended as an undergraduate text in the theory of programming languages. The reader should be familiar with discrete mathematics, basic data structures, abstract data types, recursive algorithms, (Mar 2002)
Introduction to Programming using C/C++ - Lectures Complete Lectures of the Course " Introduction to Programming using C/C++ " in PDF. The course was conducted by Pakistan Virtual IT University. Anyone who wants to learn Computer Programming, can by means of these Lectures (May 2003)
Johannes Weidl's STL Tutorial This paper tries to give a comprehensive and complete survey on the STL programming paradigm and shall serve as step-by-step tutorial for the STL newcomer, who has fundamental knowledge in C++ and the object-oriented paradigm (Nov 1999)
La página del C C tutorials, links, source code, and other material for beginners with Spanish translations. (Dec 1998)
Migrating to Namespaces - GOTW #53 Herb Sutter (GOTW) writes about how C++ standardization involving namespace breaks existing code. Specifically, the fact that all of the C++ standard library now lives in namespace std and how to deal with it. (Feb 2001)
Mumit's STL Newbie guide This guide is to help those who are starting out with STL. Mostly dealswith hard to find answers, such as how to create containers of pointers, or how to manage manual instantiation of STL template with GCC, etc. (Jul 1998)
Online C++ Tutorial A tutorial strictly on C++ designed to meet the needs of beginners who have never programmed in any language before, and programmers who have never used C++. (Mar 2002)
Optimization of Computer Programs in C This document describes techniques for optimizing (improving the speed of) computer programs written in C. It gives sample source code transformations that often yield improvements. (Jun 2002)
Programming in C++ Tutorial Programming in C++ is a 16-part tutorial which takes you from "Hello World" all the way to linked lists and recursion. Study at your own pace using your browser. (Jul 2000)
ProgrammingTutorials.COM This site contains a carefully researched collection of links for those serious about learning a programming language online. Links to tutorials on Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, HTML, QBasic, C/C++, Perl, CGI, VRML, SQL, and more! (Jul 1999)
PrOrG tů.com - C Resources in French C tutorials, links, forums, source code, and other material for beginners with French translations. (Apr 2001)
Subduck - C++ Tutorials and More This site has over 20+ C/C++ Tutorials, several sources, and other C/C++ Information. The site also has a growing message board (over 3,200 messages have been posted so far). (Nov 2002)
The French Zone - C++ development info in French The French Zone includes many projects with source code for Visual C++ (demos, games, utilities). Ready for compilation. (Jan 2000)
TutorialFind - tutorials to expand your brain TutorialFind contains links to more than 2000 tutorials on every subject imaginable, including C and C++ programming techniques. (Oct 2000)
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