C Langauge FAQ This official Usenet FAQ contains everything you always wanted to know about the C language and its usage. (Jan 1998)
C# FAQ for C++ Programmers C# FAQ for C++ Programmers (Apr 2002)
C++ FAQ Everything you always wanted to know about C++ but didn't know who to ask. Directly from the comp.lang.c++ newsgroup on Usenet (Oct 1997)
C++ Glossary Glen McCluskey's C++ Glossary is a fully hyperlinked index of nearly 300 C++ acronymns, keywords, and concepts. Most definitions are only one sentence in length but are sufficient to help you read most C++ literature. (Apr 1998)
Color Space - FAQ about Color and Gamma FAQ section of this document clarifies aspects of color specification and image coding that are important to computer graphics, image processing, video, and the transfer of digital images to print. (Sep 2003)
Compression FAQ From MPEG to ZIP, a taxonomy of compression technologies and how to find applications and libraries to manipulate archives and media streams. (Oct 1997)
CORBA FAQ CORBA FAQ tells all about this object-oriented replacement for traditional Remote Procedure Call (RPC) architectures (May 1998)
Intel Assembly Language FAQs Several related FAQs on Intel assembly language programming including A86/D86 (freeware assembler and debugger), Borland TASM, Microsoft MASM, and generic Intel Assembly Language issues. (Jan 1998)
Intel Secrets Page This is an unofficial guide to Intel CPU bugs/workarounds, undocumented tricks and exceptions, and speedup techniques. What you don't know about your CPU can make a big difference. (Jul 1998)
MFC FAQ Scott Wingo and now Justin Rudd worked hard to answer your frequently asked questions about MFC. Includes gross detail about MFC versions and all objects (dialogs, windows, views, and documents). Also includes a Visual C++ FAQ and lots of WWW links.
Numerical Analysis Resource Guide (FAQ) True to its name, this FAQ provides info on commercial and freeware resources for numerical analysis on the web. There are links to software, newsgroups, electronic journals and papers, all with excellent categorization by subtopics. (Jan 1998)
Patterns-Discussion FAQ Doug Lea provides a detailed and frank Q&A of the most frequently asked questions on the patterns-discussion mailing list. (Jan 1998)
SNMP FAQ Everything you always wanted to know about SNMP but didn't know who to ask: OS support, software packages, CMIP, RMON, ASN.1, MIBs, SNMP v2, and much more. (Mar 2000)
The Code Project Visual C++ Forum FAQ This FAQ is a compilation of the most-often asked questions in the forum, and covers several C++ programming subjects. It is meant to cover the topics that CodeProject readers ask about the most (Feb 2002)
WinGuides.COM - Windows OS tech help and FAQs The Windows Guide Network provides technical resources and support for tweaking, managing and securing the Windows operating system using the registry, scripting and security. (Feb 2002)
X10 FAQ - Home Automation Technologies X-10 is the industry standard for home automation. Using the X-10 protocol, you send command over your house wiring to switch on and off appliances, lights, and security devices. (Jan 1998)
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