ABBYUSA - OCR/OMR/ICR Toolkits ABBYYYUSA provides cutting edge OCR/ICR machine print and hand print Character Recognition Development Tools (Jul 1999)
FreeType - Quality and Portable TrueType Engine The FreeType engine is a free and portable TrueType font rendering engine. FreeType is a clean-room implementation that is not derived from the original TrueType engine developed by Apple and Microsoft (Oct 1998)
PDFTeX - Create PDFs from TeX directly pdftex is an extension of Donald Knuth's TeX document formatting system that can output Portable Document Format (PDF) files directly. Freeware with source (Aug 1999)
TeX Users Group - for TeX document formatting TeX Users Group (TUG) provides many resources including mailing lists and comprehensive links to all implementations (freeware and commercial) of Knuth's TeX and related translators and printing tools. (Aug 1999)
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