Virtual Reality
Maverik - Virtual reality toolkit Maverik is a system for managing display and interaction in virtual reality applications. It is designed to addresses the challenges of VEs where many objects have real geometry and therefore afford interaction. Uses OpenGL, runs on Win32 and Unix. (Apr 2002)
VRweb - freeware VRML browser VRweb is a free browser for 3D worlds and scenes modeled in VRML It supports most of VRML 1.0 Some non-standard VRML extensions (Inventor) are also handled (e.g. LightModel), others are reported and ignored. Supports Unix and Win32 (May 2000)
White_Dune - graphical VRML7 editor/animation tool White_dune is a low level VRML97 tool for Unix/Linux/MacOSX and MS Windows. It can read VRML97 files, display and let the user change the scenegraph/fields. Unlike most highlevel tools, it uses a light model based on the VRML97 standard. GPL licensed (Sep 2003)
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