Amaya - web browsing and authoring WYSIWIG Amaya is a complete web browsing and authoring environment and comes equipped with a WYSIWYG style of interface. With such an interface, users do not need to know the HTML or CSS languages. Open Source. Linux/Win32. (Nov 2000)
Analog - WWW log analyzer Analog is quite simply the best WWW logfile analysis program. Its fast, easy to install, flexible (180 options), multi-lingual, and writes great HTML reports. Works on Unix, Mac, and VMS. Includes full source in C. (Feb 1998)
cgic - an ANSI C library for CGI Programming cgic performs several critical CGI functions including: parsing and repairing form data, accepts both GET and POST, and fetches data into several types of variables. (Jan 1998)
CGILib C++ Library CGILib creates a CGIParser object for you which includes all the necessary methods to access form data from the web. Supports GET, POST, and ISINDEX protocols. (Jan 1998)
cgixx - Modern CGI for C++ The cgixx C++ CGI class library is intended as a modern Common Gateway Interface library for ISO standard C++ compilers. The focus of the cgixx library is to ensure fast and reliable conversations between the Web server's CGI and your C++ code. (Aug 2003)
CSplitURL - split a URL into component parts Recently I needed some code that would split a URL into component parts (scheme, host, folder, etc.) and I came across a WinInet function called InternetCrackUrl which does the job. The function itself is fairly straighforward (Nov 2002)
Dillo - small web browser w/source in C Dillo is a fast, small Web browser that's completely written in C. It is a graphical browser built upon GTK+ and renders a good subset of HTML (no tables, no frames, no JavaScript, and no JVM). GPL (Dec 2000)
freeCGI++ - portable C++ CGI library freecgi++ is an ANSI C++-compliant hierarchy for developing object-oriented CGI applications. It supports FORMS, cookies, multi-part submissions, basic cryptography, HTML output, custom HTTP headers, Linux/Unix/Win32 (Jul 2003)
GLIMPSE - free text search engine Glimpse is a very powerful indexing and query system for text files. Supports three types of indexes: tiny (2-3%) of file size, a small (7-9%), and medium (20-30%). WWW interface available. Freeware for Unix. (Jun 1999)
Mailer C++ CGI Script The Mailer C++ CGI script is designed to send by e-mail the data it receives from a browser FORM or Java applet. Unlike other mailers, is written in C++. It is flexible and fully customizable. (Jan 1998)
MV4 - a CGI class library for C++ MV4 is the latest CGI class wrapper library which aims to provide reusability, portability, speed, and even threads. Supports Unix and Windows NT. (Jun 2002)
Netscape Source Code Yes, Virginia, you can get source code for Netscape browsers. Its all here and with more than 20MB of compressed source code, its not for the casual tweaker. (Apr 1998)
Null webmail - CGI web email gateway in C Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful webmail CGI written in C. Null Webmail is platform-independent and offers language support for English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Finnish, Galician, Italian, Netherland and Polish. GPL licensed (Sep 2002)
OpenSSL - free SSL for e-commerce The OpenSSL Project is a commercial-grade, fully featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols (Oct 1999)
SArray - Suffix Array free-text search engine Suffix array is designed for efficient searching of a large text (100MB+). Basically, an array containing all the pointers to the text suffixes sorted in lexicographic order. Freeware for Linux. (Nov 2000)
SteelBlue - web application server environment SteelBlue is an Open Source Web application server similar to Cold Fusion. It extends HTML with tags to execute SQL commands, input checking, looping, and manipulate data. Linux/Solaris/Win32. (Feb 2001)
SWISH - file indexing and search engine SWISH++ is a fast freeware file indexing and searching engine (e.g. for web sites). Handles large collections of files, even MS Office files. Fast retrieval, easy PERL CGI front end included. Supports Unix and Win32 (Oct 1999)
w3reg - search engine registration for web pages w3reg is a simple console program to automatically register Web pages with search engines. It reads a configuration file and registers a list of web pages with the configured search engines. Supports Linux and Win32. Open Source. (Jun 2000)
WebGlimpse - web free text search interface/engine Webglimpse is a fast, flexible search engine for finding information in a related web of pages. Includes ability to index pages on remote sites. Supports Linux, IRIX, Solaris. Free for nonprofit users. (Jul 1999)
Webify - Builds web presentations from Postscript Webify is a program which makes web-browsable trees of hypertext files and JEPG images from Postscript source files. Requires Ghostscript. Freeware with source in C. (Mar 1999)
WML - Website Meta Language WML is an extensible Webdesigner's off-line HTML generation toolkit written in C and Perl for Unix. Performs up to 9 passes over the source. GPL freeware. (Apr 2000)
XHTML School - Resources for XHTML XHTML School includes Introduction to XHTML, Differences between XHTML and HTML, XHTML Syntax, XHTML DTD, XHTML HowTo, and XHTML Validation (Feb 2001)
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