A Framework for Global IP-Anycast (GIA) A global IP-Anycast service is desirable for service location and auto-configuration. This paper presents a novel solution to the scalability problem of a global IP-anycast service. (Jan 2003)
Cyrus IMAP4 daemon and server Carnegie Mellon's implementation of an IMAP mail protocol server. Cyrus supports all email clients including Netscape Communicator, Eudora, and others that use IMAP4. Supports HP-UX and Solaris currently. Freeware. (Sep 2000)
dIRC - Win32 IRC chat dIRC provides a Win32 GUI interface that allows you to chat with other users even before learning standard IRC commands. You can talk on multiple chat servers at the same time, and establish direct connections. Open Source. Registration US$24 (Jun 2000)
GNU Inetutils - robust ftp, telnet, rsh apps InetUtils is a collection of common network programs for Unix with source code. It includes client and server for ftp, telnet, rsh, rlogin, ftp, and more. (Aug 1999)
IP Multicasting in C# Provides a simple client/server example for setting up a multicast application in C# .NET as a well as the method in which multicasting works and why it is useful now (Jan 2002)
IrcCE - IRC for Windows CE Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is now available for Windows CE handheld users with IrcCE. IrcCE is shareware but source code for an earlier version is available for download. (Mar 1999)
Juniper - firewall toolkit Juniper is a firewall toolkit product for building secure and effective Internet firewalls. Designed to work on a dual homed bastion host that does not forward packets between interfaces. Open Source. (Jan 2000)
KA9Q - freeware TCP/IP for MS-DOS and DJGPP KA9Q is the freeware Network Operating System (NOS) which provides TCP/IP stack for MS-DOS. Supports Borland C++ 3.1 and DJGPP. (Aug 2002)
Message Digest (MD) Checksums Source code for MD2, MD4, MD5, and Snefru checksums commonly used for email security (RFC 1321) (Mar 1998)
MIME++ - parser/editor classes for MIME messages By providing classes and relationships for all of the components of a MIME message mime++ simplifies your job. With mime++, you can focus your efforts on what goes into or comes out of a message, not how to put it there or retrieve it. All platforms. (Sep 1998)
qmail - replacement for sendmail qmail is a modern replacement for sendmail which is extremely secure as well as Y2K compliant. Works with Linux, Solaris, and other Unix platforms. Freeware (Dec 1998)
SEE4C - SMTP Email for C/C++. Email from your C/C++ application (Win16 or Win32) using this DLL. Simple API allows sending email, including MIME attachments. Knowledge of Winsock and TCP/IP not needed. (shareware $95, source code N/A). (Jun 1998)
SINUS - open source firewall SINUS provides security without obscurity. The SINUS Firewall is a TCP/IP packet filter for the Linux operating system. It is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence and comes with complete source code (Jan 2000)
SNMP Management Proxy Server This SNMP Management Proxy Server is a platform independent web-browser based client/server system for SNMP based report generation. (Mar 2000)
SNMP Sniff - solves SNMP problems SNMP Sniff can promiscuously listen on your network segment (or LAN), decode and print all the information that goes inside any SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 (Community Based) PDU (Mar 2000)
TTNews - A freeware headline news ticker TT-News (Tick Tick-News) is a news-ticker, written in QT. Besides the normal features, it can display an article-summary and a window with all the current news. The news can be fetched from various sources, "servers" easy to write. Linux. Freeware. (Jan 2000)
Twisted - event-based framework for Internet apps Twisted is an event-based framework for Internet applications. It includes a Web server, an SMTP/POP3 server, a telnet server, an SSH server, an IRC server, a DNS server, a generic client/server pair (Sep 2003)
U-W IMAP email server UW-IMAP is a mail server which implements the IMAP protocols. This is from the same folks who created Pine. A great reference implementation. Freeware. Source in C. (Mar 1999)
VPS - Virtual Private Server VPS is a linux-based VPN solution for connecting disparate networks securely over the internet. You can connect multiple networks to each other without having to pay for expensive leased lines or dedicated connections. Open Source. (Jan 2000)
W3C - http webserver and proxy server The CERN httpd (also known as W3C httpd) is a generic public domain full-featured hypertext server which can be used as a regular HTTP server. Also includes proxy server feature set. Supports all Unix platforms and VMS. Source in C. (Mar 1999)
WinIP - allows static host names on any DHCP Winip allows internet users to access your computer via a static host name even though you may have a dynamic IP address. This lets others access your computer the same way every time. Open Source. (Jun 2000)
WinVN - SMTP/news client with source WinVN A news reader which can also send (but not receive) mail using SMTP or MAPI. Built in UUdecode which is especially useful and convenient in downloading and viewing pictures. ROT13 decoding as well (Nov 1998)
YOID - Your Own Internet Distribution protocol The Yoid project aims to develop scalable host-based distribution protocols layered over reasonably constructed tree topologies. The trees are constructed by the participating hosts and may use either native IP multicast or unicast. Unix/Win32 (Jan 2003)
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