C++ Class Design
C++ In Action - Modern C++ programming techniques The complete text of the book C++ In Action Covers STL, resource management, exception handling, and encapsulating the Windows API into C++ classes, namespaces, and templates. A symbolic calculator is used as the main software project. (Nov 2001)
C++ Introspection Enumerating Class Attributes You've probably worked with programming languages that allowed you to inspect an object to determine what attributes make up the object at runtime (FoxPro, Perl etc). This feature is very handy if you need to write generic serialization (Nov 2002)
Modern C++ Design - Andrei Alexandrescu Andrei Alexandrescu's book introduces the concept of generic components - reusable design templates that produce boilerplate code for compiler consumption - all within C++. (Jun 2001)
Policy-Based Class Design Policy-based class design fosters assembling a class with complex behavior out of many little classes (called policies), each of which takes care of only one behavioral or structural aspect. (Jun 2001)
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