Drat - An O-O Curses interface Drat is intended to allow OO programmers to quickly develop curses-based user interfaces (UI), either before developing more sophisticated graphical UI, or as an additional feature of advanced interactive programs. (Jul 1998)
GNU NCurses The Ncurses (new curses) library emulates SYSV 4.0 of curses. It uses Terminfo format, supports pads and color, multiple highlights, forms characters and function-key mapping. Supports Linux, OS/2, more. (Aug 1998)
JPTUI - JP's Text User Interface JPTUI is an object-oriented textual user interface. Designed for C++, it provides a simple to use application programming interface. JPTUI is available for DJGPP 2 and Borland C++ 4. (Oct 1998)
PDCurses - terminal independent I/O PDCurses 2.2 is Public Domain Curses for DOS, OS/2 and xWindows. It emulates Unix curses, the original device-independent terminal I/O interface. Curses was designed for VT-100 style functionality and is used in such standard tools as the "Vi" editor.
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