Cross-Platform GUI
"V" Cross-Platform GUI library Dr. Wampler's class library for building XWindows and MS Windows applications. Applications built with "V" use native look and feel. Includes portable printing support, toolbars, dialogs, and the usual controls. OpenGL support under development.
aedGUI - GUI layer for SDL aedGUI is a cross-plataform, easy-to-use, non-intrusive C++ GUI library that runs on top of SDL, providing themeable widgets without learning Yet Another API. (Jul 2003)
Amulet - cross-platform GUI toolkit Amulet is a user interface development environment for C++ and is portable across X11 Unix (Sun, Dec, HP, SGI, Linux, NetBSD, etc.), Microsoft Windows 95 and NT, and the Macintosh. Amulet helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces. Freeware (Jun 1999)
CG - Cross-platform GUI (from Arachne) CG is a cross-platform GUI portability layer for C and C++ development. All basic GUI capabilities (event handling, window management, cursor control, and drawing basic shapes, pixmaps, scrollbars, buttons) under XWindows, Win32, and Mac. Freeware. (Nov 1999)
CIDLib: C++ Application Framework for Windows CIDLib provides a object oriented, typesafe, and easy applications framework. Includes Process Control, TCP/IP, Fractals, Graphics File Formats, Ray Tracing, Regular Expressions, Windowing, Graphics, Controls, and more! Win32 and Linux. Open Source. (Jan 1999)
CommonC++ - portable class wrappers for POSIX Common C++ is a C++ framework offering portable support for threading, sockets, file access, deamons, persistance, and system services. Supports GNU/Linu, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Win32. GNU Freeware. (May 2000)
Coral - complete cross-platform framework Coral is a very complete advanced application framework with strong GUI components. Advanced functionalities for non-GUI tasks like networking, shared memory, etc. Supports Unix, Linux, Win32. Artistic License. (Nov 1999)
Cross-Platform Development Resources A great directory of both freeware and commercial products which provide cross-platform support for GUIs on MS Windows and other platforms with a single set of source code. (Oct 1997)
FLTK - Fast Light Tool Kit FLTK is a C++ graphical user interface toolkit for XWindows and Win32 environments with OpenGL. Includes interactive GUI builder program. Support for graphics hardware acceleration. FLTK has been released into the public domain by Digital Domain. (Oct 2002)
FOX - C++ Cross-platform GUI FOX is a C++ based Toolkit for application GUIs. Includes many controls, drag-and-drop interaction, and even OpenGL controls. FOX also implements icons, images, status line help, and tooltips. Unix, Linux, and Windows NT. GNU LGPL (Nov 1999)
GLFW - OpenGL FrameWork GLFW is a free, open source, portable framework for OpenGL application development. API handles OS tasks such as opening OpenGL window and keyboard, mouse and joystick input, timers and threads. Supports Win32, Linux, Unix. (Apr 2003)
GLUI - innovative UI built on OpenGL GLUI is a GLUT-based cross-platform C++ user interface library which provides controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and spinners to OpenGL applications. Supports Unix, Win32, others. Freeware. (Nov 1999)
GraphApp - platform-independent GUI in C GraphApp is a cross-platform GUI library for C or Python. Gives the programmer access to buttons, text boxes, windows, fonts, colours, etc. Supports Win32, XWindows, Macintosh. GPL Freeware. (Nov 1999)
MET++ - Multimedia Application Framework MET++ is an O-O application framework that supports developing multimedia applications via reusable objects for 2D graphics, user interface components, 3D graphics, audio, and music. Linux, Unix, Mac. Freeware. (Nov 1999)
MGUI - Morello Cross-Platfom GUI MGUI library has a 100% compatible API and an identical look & feel in DOS, Windows and Unix X-Window environments. A manager object automatically positions and resizes its children, making layout construction simple. Freeware or shareware. (Nov 1998)
OpenGUI - GUI framework for Linux OpenGUI C/C++ graphics & windowing library built upon a fast, low-level x86 ASM graphics kernel. Use 2D drawing primitives and event-driven API. Renders to Linux framebuffer, SVGAlib, and XFree86-DGA2. LGPL (Dec 2000)
OpenSprings Modules - crossplatform development OpenSprings Modules are an open-source, cross-platform libraries for C++ developers. Developers can make open or closed source products. Includes GUI, networking, encryption, multimedia, database, threading, file, and XML modules. (Oct 2003)
paraGUI - cross-platform widget set cross-platform high-level application framework and GUI (graphical user interface) library. It can be compiled on various platforms (Linux, Win32, BeOS, MacOS, ) Based on Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) (Aug 2003)
POO library - Portable Windowed Applications The POO library, which consists of open, put, get,and close functions, allows one to write multiwindowed applications that are portable among X Windows, Windows, and OS/2. Shareware. $20 (Jan 2000)
Porting MFC Applications to Linux Markus Neifer shows how to port MFC to Linux using wxWindows, giving a user's guide to this open source GUI toolkit and providing a complete, step-by-step porting example. (contains sample code) (Nov 2002)
Qt - cross-platform C++ GUI Qt is a GUI software toolkit for XWindows and Win32. Qt is written in C++ and is fully object-oriented. Freeware (X11 only) and commercial versions available. (Feb 1999)
The GUI Tool / Framework Page User interfaces occupy an important part of software development. This page provides a comprehensive reference on toolkits for building graphical user nterfaces (GUIs), with emphasis on resources for Free Software (Open Source). (Nov 1999)
U2NT - Unix POSIX API for NT platforms U2NT is a library which provides most of the Unix APIs you need to port your Unix application quickly and easily to NT (Jul 1999)
VCF - Visual Component Framework VCF is a cross platform C++ application framework with a open source free BSD license. Inspired by the ease of use of IDE's like NeXTStep's Interface Builder/Project Builder, JBuilder, Visual J++, and Borland's Delphi (Jul 2003)
Whisper - Mac/Win32 C++ application framewor Whisper is a general purpose Mac/Win32 C++ application framework. It takes advantage of templates, multiple inheritance, STL, and exceptions. Supports Design by Contract and includes numerous debugging tools. Freeware. (Jun 2003)
Willows TWIN library TWIN is an freeware emulation system that allows Win32 programs to run on Unix environments. Includes binary emulation of Intel x86 instruction set as well. (Oct 1997)
WINE - port Win32 source/binaries to Unix WINE is an alternative implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs. It lets you port legacy Windows sources to Unix and includes a loader allowing raw Win16/Win32 binaries to run under Unix. Freeware. (Dec 2000)
wxWindows Home Page wxWindows class library allows you to build graphical C++ programs for XWindows and MS Windows. wxWindows uses the native GUI on each platform so programs will take on the native 'look and feel' users love. Includes dialog editor too.
Yet Another Class Library (YACL) Dr. M.A. Sridhar's Yet Another Class Library for Cross-Platform GUI programming. Based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm. Supports XWindows, MS Windows, and OS/2. (Oct 1998)
Zinc Application Framework Zinc Application Framework and GUI natively supports all Windows platforms, Unix X/Motif, DOS, and several Embedded Operating Systems. Includes GUI Designer tool. Free for personal use. (Jul 1999)
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