Data Mining
Contour Components - OLAP ActiveX/VCL controls Contour software components and tools provide a new technology that allows you to add OLAP functionality to your database application or to create web-based OLAP solution. (ActiveX or VCL) From $350. (May 2003)
Para StatLib - Data Mining with Statistical Weight ParaStatLib DLL gives you the ability to weight the statistics using a field in your data. This is absolutely critical if you are using a sampling of data from a much larger database. No extra runtime DBMS required. (Apr 2002)
ROOT - O-O data mining and analysis ROOT is an OO framework for large-scale scientific data analysis and data mining. Includes hierarchical OO database, a C++ interpreter, statistical analysis, visualization, introspection, and more. Unix/Mac/Win32 (Aug 2001)
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