Berkeley Database (db) library Berkeley Database (DB) library provides database support for both traditional and client/server applications. It includes B+tree, Extended Linear Hashing, Fixed and Variable-length records, transactions, locking, logging, shared memory caching, and more.
BFAST - Freeware BTrieve access library Chao Lin Chang's FREE Btrieve fully functioning C++ library. Easy to use, compiles with Borland C++, possibly others. (Oct 1998)
Catalog of Free Database systems A catalog of databases that are available without payment and with full source code (C, C++, and other languages)
Code-Generator - database code from ASP scripts The tool to maximize reuse in your project. Code-Generator allows you to generate code from simple ASP style scripts. Samples include n-tier, web and database applications using ASP, VB, XML, SQL Server, EJB, JSP and much more. (Mar 2002)
CQL++ - free client/server database with ODBC Free Client/Server SQL Database with source code in c++, also include ODBC driver for Win32 environment. Supports Linux and Win32. Freeware (Jan 2000)
Daffodil DB - SQL-99 engine in Java Daffodil DB is a SQL-99 scalable, high-performance, embeddable, lightweight java-based RDBMS engine. Including triggers, views, constraints, UDT, stored procedures, distributed transactions (XA), JDBC 3.0 driver, admin tool. From $99. (Jul 2002)
Database Template Library - Like STL for databases DTL makes ODBC recordsets look just like an STL container. Use standard STL iterators and even commit changes to the DBMS. Supports most STL algorithms too. Win32. Open Source. (Dec 2000)
DataVision - report tool like Crystal Reports DataVision is a database reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports, written in Java. Multiple database backends (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC) and frontends (LaTeX, XML, comma- and tab-separated data files, DocBook, and HTML) (Sep 2002)
dbtcp - ODBC access from Linux dbtcp is a package of libraries which provides applications on Linux access to ODBC datasources on remote machines running Windows. It allows a Linux application to access data held on MS SQL Server on NT. GPL (Dec 2000)
DeKlarit - RAD for VisualStudio.NET DeKlarit turns Visual Studio .NET into a RAD tool for designing, developing and maintaining the business logic and data layers. Automatically generates ADO.NET strongly typed DataSets and DataAdapters. (Oct 2002)
Gist - Btree and R-Tree library Great C/C++ library for optimized record access Btree and R-trees. They also supply an index tuning/debugging tool called amdb to use along with libgist. Now part of PostgreSQL. Freeware (Aug 1999)
GOODS - Generic Object Oriented Database System GOODS is an O-O distributed DBMS using active client model. Multithreaded high performance database server is language and application independent. Client API is built using metaobject protocol and provides transparent persistency. (Sep 1998)
GRG - GNU Report Generator The GRG program reads record and field information from a dBase3+ file, delimited ASCII, or SQL and produces a report listing. Can produce LaTex, ASCII, PostScript, HTML or other outputs. GNU Freeware. (May 2000)
GSQL - GNU SQL SQL Server is a free portable multiuser relatational database management system. It supports the full SQL89 dialect and has some extensions from SQL92. It provides multiuser access and transaction isolation. (Dec 1998)
Introduction to SQL A swift overview of SQL and relational databases including an example of Embedded SQL using C as the host language. (Apr 2002)
ISAM Manager - multiplatform B+Tree ISAM Manager v 1.20. Database Programming System for C++. Windows, DOS and OS/2 tested. Will work on other O/Ss too. Very fast single-user and multi-user systems. Shareware. (Oct 1998)
Leap - A Free Relational DBMS System LEAP is a free RDBMS under development since 1995. It is primarily a learning tool and it is distributed under GNU Public License. LEAP runs on Linux, Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, Ultrix, Windows 95 and NT, (OS/2 coming soon)
libSDB - Simple Database Library libsdb, the simple database library, provides a way to support multiple DBMS in an application with minimal overhead. Supported databases include Lago, MySQL, Oracle, Sqlite, and Oracle. LGPL (Feb 2002)
Lodestar DBMS - fast non-relational DBMS Lodestar Database is a super fast, non-relational database engine which comes in either single user or network enabled, multi-user client/server versions. Includes libraries for Borland C++, Delphi, C++ Builder and VB. Shareware $75+ (Apr 2000)
MDB Tools - read/write MS Access files MDB Tools is a library and set of utilities for reading Microsoft Access Database (MDB) files. The authors are currently seeking developers to help on the project. The package also includes a GTK-based file browser, a small SQL engine, and an ODBC driver (Jan 2003)
mySQL - multiplatform server MySQL is a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user and robust SQL server. API support for C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and TCL APIs. For Unix and OS/2 platforms, MySQL is basically free; for Windows platforms it is shareware. (May 1999)
Ocelot - full SQL DBMS for Windows Ocelot DBMS supports ANSI SQL-92 and some SQL-99. Free for a limited time only. DLL interface for Windows which you can call from programs written in C directly or via ODBC. Source available for a fee (May 1999)
PlugSys Xbase compiler PlugSys has a free edition Xbase (dbase, clipper) language compiler. There are both DOS/Win32 and Linux versions. Also has a server page tool (free and pay versions). Free version only requires registration to download (Mar 2002)
Poor Man's BTree Library Poor Man's Btree Library maintains a simple balanced btree index. Nothing more is provided than routines to insert, set, find (specific, next, and previous), and delete keys Each key has a spare long value which can be used as a pointer. (Jan 1998)
PostgreSQL Object-Relational DBMS PostgreSQL is derived from Berkeley Postgres and retains the database and extensibility while replace PostQuel with an extended subset of SQL.
ProCG - Professional Code Generator ProCG is a Java/C++ source code generator for data, database, and entity/component layers code generation. Supports C++/ADO, Java/JDBC, Java/BMP, and Java/CMP. From $10 per table. (Oct 2003)
pxlib - C Library to read Paradox Database files pxlib is a simple and small C library to read Paradox DB files. It supports all versions starting from 3.0. It currently has a very limited set of functions, like opening a DB file, reading its header, and reading every single record. (Aug 2003)
SmallParser - Small SQL parser component Small Parser is an ActiveX/OCX component capable of parsing a significant subset of SQL standard. Written in ATL/C++, registration includes full source code. $85 (Jun 2002)
SQLite - standalone library implements SQL92 SQLite is a C library that implements an SQL-92 database engine. Stores one complete DB disk file. Easy to use and needs no external DB server process. Bindings for C, Tcl/TK. Win32/Linux. Public Domain. (Oct 2001)
The FreeODBC Project The FreeODBC pages are a clearinghouse for information about freely redistributable ODBC efforts. The FreeODBC driver pack will be portable to all Unix platforms as well as Windows, win32(95, NT), OS/2 and Mac. (May 1999)
UnixODBC - an GNU ODBC for Unix The unixODBC Project goals are to develop and promote unixODBC to be the definitive standard for ODBC on the Linux platform. This is to include GUI support for KDE. (May 2000)
VBD - Variable Block Database VBD provides C++ classes to build portable multi-user database applications. Includes B-tree with iterator and caching, navigational access, fixed and variable-length records. Supports Windows 95/98, MS-DOS, HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux. Freeware (Apr 1999)
Xbase DBMS and Class Library Xbase DBMS is a collection of specifications, programs, utilities and a GCC C++ class library for manipulating Xbase type datafiles and indices. Includes multi-user access, NDX/NTX indices, memo fields. Freeware for Linux and Windows. (May 1999)
Yard SQL - free for academic institutions YARD-SQL (Yet Another Relational Dabase) supports ANSI SQL-92 and whose server runs on most Unixes (IRIX, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and more). ESQL/C, ODBC, X/Motif, JDBC, and WWW interfaces. Free for academic users or use as shareware. (May 1999)
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