Design Patterns
Adaptive Object-Oriented Software Adaptive Programming is viewed as a major advance in software technology based on using well-known finite automata and formal language theory to express succinctly and process efficiently path sets in architectural graphs (e.g. UML class diagrams). (Jul 2001)
Design Patterns and Pattern Languages Douglas C. Schmidt's resources on design patterns includes original papers on experience using design patterns in real-world software projects as well as tutorials and much more. (Jan 1998)
Design Patterns Home Page This directory includes links to everything you need to implement design patterns: books, papers, conferences, published articles, research projects, discussion groups and of course tools and sample code relating to patterns. (Jan 1998)
Pattern Template Library Pattern Template Library lets you use design patterns as if they were simple collections. It provides collections, aggregates, arrays, patterns Composite, Flyweight, and a FSM all coded with pure C++ templates. (Aug 2002)
Patterns - Mailing Lists and Discussion Archives Detailed descriptions of more than a dozen Pattern oriented mailing lists. Various mailing lists cover C++, Eiffel, Smalltalk and other O-O programming environments (Nov 1999)
Patterns-Discussion FAQ Doug Lea provides a detailed and frank Q&A of the most frequently asked questions on the patterns-discussion mailing list. (Jan 1998)
Persistent Pointer Factory Persistent Pointer Factory is a Persistent Pointer Class which, automatically, makes any program or library persistent. This entry lets you to download a free copy and preview this revolutionary product. (Aug 2002)
Portland Pattern Repository We're writing about computer programs in a new stylistic form called pattern languages. Short summaries appear in the Pattern Language Catalog (Nov 1999)
Smalltalk style Testing Pattern From Extreme Programming guru Kent Beck comes a simple O-O testing strategy and a framework to support it. The testing strategy and framework are not intended to be complete solutions. Source code for C++ or Smalltalk (Aug 1999)
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