libCon - DirectX game programming library libCON is a C++ game programming library built over DirectX6. Libraries supplied for VC++ 4 or above. Supports 3-D rendering. Requires no knowledge of DirectX. Freeware. DirectX or Windows programming. Easy to use C++ API. (Apr 1999)
Lugh3D - DirectX 3-D game engine component Lugh3D is a game engine developed with .NET and Managed DirectX developers in mind. It is a 3D rendering environment windows user control easily imported into any windows form and a class library. (Jul 2003)
OGRE - Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine OGRE is a C++ class library for making games and demos utilising 3D hardware. Allows you to create and manipulate a 3D environment, and render it to your specifications, independent of Direct3D or OpenGL. GPL license (Feb 2002)
Pong - DirectX game Win32 version of Pong. I use C++ and low level Direct Draw and Direct Sound. Freeware (Oct 2002)
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