Eiffel vs. C++
A Critique of C++ (3rd Ed.) The C++ Critique is an analysis of some of the flaws of C++. The critique uses Java and Eiffel as comparisons to C++ to give a more concrete feel to the criticisms, viewing conceptual differences rather than syntactic ones as being more important. (Jan 2000)
CECIL - C-Eiffel Call-In Library CECIL permits C and C++ applications (as well as other languages) to take advantage of almost all Eiffel facilities: create Eiffel objects, apply features to them. From chapter 24 of the book Eiffel: The Language (Jun 2002)
Legacy++ - Eiffel-C++ interface and Legacy++ You can use the Legacy++ tool to produce an Eiffel "wrapper class" encapsulating all the features of a C++ class, so that the result will look to the rest of the Eiffel software as if it had been written in Eiffel. Appendix F, Eiffel: The Language (Oct 2000)
Object-Oriented Languages: A Comparison This paper contains tables which compare four major O-O languages: Eiffel, C++, Java, Smalltalk. The perspective is from Eiffel, but fair consideration of all languages is the goal. (Jan 2000)
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