Java vs. C++
A Comparison of Java and C++ Andrew Hall's paper considers differences in Java and C++ w/respect to inheritance, modules, reference semantics, memory management, and access control. Very readable and to the point (Nov 1999)
A Critique of C++ (3rd Ed.) The C++ Critique is an analysis of some of the flaws of C++. The critique uses Java and Eiffel as comparisons to C++ to give a more concrete feel to the criticisms, viewing conceptual differences rather than syntactic ones as being more important. (Jan 2000)
A Side by Side Comparison of Java and C++ Rich Doyle's paper details a case study done to determine if Java is a viable alternative to C++ for a commercial network based application. Areas include language, memory management, threads, RTTI, exceptions, and more. (Nov 1999)
Java Speed Tests Benchmarks of Java and C++ arithmetic matrix computations. The results may be shocking. (Nov 1999)
Java through the Eyes of a C++ Programmer Suchitra Gupta's paper travels the gamut of Java and C++ differences including classes, inheritance, abstract classes, multiple inheritance, member functions, chaining, exceptions, finalization, arrays, dynamic behavior, and other topics. From JDJ. (Nov 1999)
Java vs. C. - Who is faster? Chris Rijk's article Binaries vs. Byte Codes will surprise you with its benchmark test results which pit C programs against Java implementations. (Jun 2000)
Object-Oriented Languages: A Comparison This paper contains tables which compare four major O-O languages: Eiffel, C++, Java, Smalltalk. The perspective is from Eiffel, but fair consideration of all languages is the goal. (Jan 2000)
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