Graph Algorithms
Algorithm Archive - by Scott Gasch All kinds of algorithms at your disposal: Searching & Storage, Sorting, Graphing, Combinatorics, SoundEx, FFT, Geometry, Data Compression, Integrity checking, and much more! (May 2003)
GOBLIN - Graph OBject Library for Network The GOBLIN project consists of a C++ class library for a large series of graph optimization problems and GOBLET, a GUI to the library functions. GOBLET includes a graph editor, but provides only basic graph layout methods. Open Source (May 2002)
GraphThing - discrete math viewing tool GraphThing is a tool that allows you to create, manipulate, and study graphs. These "graphs" are mathematical objects, that describe the relationships between sets; they are not 2D plots, charts, or any other sort of visual object. (Aug 2003)
Xtreme Diagram++ Xtreme Diagram++ is an MFC extension library for graphs, diagrams and networks, allows developers to add drag and drop GUI to their windows applications. Create apps like Visio. $249 (Jul 2002)
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