GUI Tools
GTK - Motif alternative for XWindows GTK is a library for creating graphical user interfaces for the X Window System. GTK+ is written in C with a very object-oriented approach. Language bindings exist for C++, Perl, Python, Objective C, and others. (Nov 1998)
LXB - Linux X11/Motif GUI Builder lxb is an X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder. With it you can build a GUI made up of Motif widgets instantiated from a pallet, move and resize them, edit their resources, and move about in the widget heirarchy. Generates C source files. (Nov 1998)
Outerface - C++ GUI without coding Revolutionary new technology for visualizing C++ object systems in real-time. Enables dynamic GUIs to be created without any code. Objects in the system are interacted with directly through an outer face of UI controls (Sep 2002)
TOAD - GUI for X Windows applications TOAD is a library for creating GUIs for X Windows with C++. While still under development it aims to be an alternative to other popular GUI libraries in the future by providing innovative features that ease the development process. Freeware (Aug 2002)
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