Hardware Interfacing
Firewire and IEEE 1394 Papers and Books This page provides information on firewire/1394 internet books and white papers. multimedia and embedded systems is its focus. (Jun 2002)
IEEE 1394 References and Programming page Links to lots of great papers and demonstrations of IEEE 1394 ("Firewire") interfacing with software (Dec 1999)
Interfacing the PC Craig Peacock's reference page points you to tutorials on using all types of serial and parallel ports (SPP/EPP), plus using the AT keyboard port, general info on IRQ usage too. Lots of info in downloadable PDF files plus links to specific help sites. (Nov 1998)
Interfacing with Atari-style joysticks Includes wiring diagram, a brief paper, and source code for demonstrating how to use an old digital (contact-switch style) 8-direction joystick with your PC's parallel port. Also known as Atari and C-64 joysticks. (Apr 1998)
Interrupts in C++ From Embedded Systems magazine (08/2001): Alan Dorfmeyer and Pat Baird implement Interrupts in C++ including classes for Interrupt, UART, Timer SharedInterrupt. (Jul 2002)
ISC - Interrupt Service Classes Allows hooking of interrupts (software and hardware) into classes, comes with classes for staying resident, for serial communication (interrupt driven), and like-wise classes. Comes with full source code! For MS-DOS (Jun 1998)
Libchipcard - C++ access to smartcards/chipcards Libchipcard is a C++ framework for easy access to chipcards/smartcards via chip card terminals/readers. It uses the CTAPI library provided by the manufacturer of the reader and provides a filesystem on memory chip cards. Linux/Windows. Open Source (May 2002)
Mike Marshall's RS-232 FAQ RS-232 FAQ covers all of the basic terminology and concepts: The UART, Modems, Modem Standards, Flow Control, Modem Initialization, and Other Serial Devices (Mar 1999)
Parallel Port Central - by Jan Axelson Author Jan Axelson's Parallel Port Central includes files and links to material about the PC's parallel port, including ECP, EPP, bidirectional, and IEEE-1284 modes (and other I/O ports as well). (Aug 2000)
PCTimer - millisecond resolution timer PCTimer is a freeware library of millisecond resolution timing routines written in C. Emulates old 18.2 ticks/second clock while reporgramming your timer chip. Supports DJGPP and Borland C. (Apr 1998)
PIC Programming in C Using Hand Compilation From Embedded Systems magazine: John Hilton presents PIC Programming in C Using Hand Compilation (Jul 2002)
SANE - scanner API for Unix SANE stands for "Scanner Access Now Easy" a public domain API to access any flatbed scanners ad frame-grabbers. SANE is designed for use with Unix and Linux, it also supports scanners over the network (unlike TWAIN). (Oct 1999)
Serial Port Central - by Jan Axelson Author Jan Axelson's Serial Port Central is a collection of files and links to material relating to serial links and networks, especially in monitoring and control applications (Aug 2000)
Tomi Engdahl's PC hardware pages Information about PC interfaces including the serial port, parallel port, IRDA, USB, IEEE 1394, PC keyboard, mouse, and joystick. Also pinouts and much more. (Dec 1999)
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