BREXX - REXX for non-OS/2 platforms BREXX is an implementation of IBM's REXX scripting language for MS-DOS, Macintosh, Linux, AIX, and other platforms. Freeware with source. (Jul 1999)
CalcPlus interpreter class library CalcPlus is the C++ class library which allows you to use your own programming language built into a C++ project. This is an interpreter with support of functions, procedures, loops, structs and much more. (Aug 1998)
GAWK - GNU awk The GNU awk (GAWK) utility interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it possible to handle simple data-reformatting jobs with just a few lines of code. GAWK is upward compatible with the SVR4 version of awk (Apr 1999)
interpcom - command interpreter library in C interpcom is a command interpreter library in C that can be used to build scientific applications. It is very easy to add new commands. The library contains an expression evaluator that can be used to parse the arguments of the comands. Free commands. (Oct 1999)
MIT Scheme - improved LISP language MIT Scheme provides an interpreter, compiler, and a source-code debugger for Scheme, an integrated Emacs-like editor, and a large runtime library. Supports GNU/Linux, *BSD, OS/2, and Win32. GPL (Dec 2000)
PERL Compiler Kit - Generates C code for you Provides extension modules for Perl 5.002 (or newer) which let you compile Perl programs. CC backend now acts as a "true" compiler and generates C code for the execution of your program, not just its initialisation. (Jan 2000)
RetroForth - PD Forth for Linux and DOS Retro is a clean, usable Forth-based development system. It currently runs under Linux and DOS, or as an operating system. Public domain (Aug 2003)
ScriptBasic - Linux/Win32 BASIC scripting language ScriptBasic is an interpreter for classic BASIC. Run on Win32/Linux or CGI mode. It includes an interpreter, a compilable, well-documented embedding and extending interface for the C programmer, and a rich set of commands and functions. LGPL (Sep 2001)
Simkin - embeddable scripting language Simkin is a simple interpreted language that can be embedded into a C++ application. It can used to enable users to customize the application using scripts. Cross-platform safe: Win32, Linux, Macintosh. Shareware $290 includes full source. (Nov 1999)
SNOBOL4 - implemented in C A port of Macro SNOBOL4 (the original Bell Labs implementation, written in SIL macros) for machines with 32-bit (or larger) pointers. Supports full SNOBOL4 language plus SPITBOL and other extensions. Supports AIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, Ultrix, and more (May 2002)
SWIG - Software Interface Generator SWIG is an interface compiler that connects programs written in C, C++, and Objective-C with a variety of scripting languages including Perl, Python, and Tcl/Tk. Open Source (May 2002)
Tcl/Tk - embeddable script language Tcl is an embeddable scripting language and Tk is a graphical user interface toolkit based on Tcl. Tcl is an interpreted language which can call C or C++ functions or be called from within an application. Runs on Unix, Win32, Mac. Freeware. Source in C. (Mar 1999)
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