C/C++ Interpreters
CH - A superset of C Language interpreter CH, a C superset interpreter, is a very high-level language environment as easy to use as Basic. CH is used for Unix/Windows shell programming, WWW CGI, scientific computing, real-time control systems, and many other applications.
CINT - a C/C++ Interpreter CINT is a C/C++ interpreter for scripting systems which covers about 95% of ANSI C and 85% of C++. CINT, written in ANSI C and can be bootstrapped. Supports all Unix platforms and Windows NT. (Jul 1999)
CSL - C Scripting Language C Scripting Language (CSL) is an embeddable scripting language with C syntax. A comprehensive set of libraries is included in the base package, and writing your own libraries is possible with an easy API for C programs. GPL (Aug 2001)
EiC - robust freeware C interpreter EIC is an extensible interactive, pointer-safe, bytecode C interpreter/compiler. Supports Linux, Sparc, Alpha, IRIX, HP-UX (Jul 1998)
S - an embeddable C-like scripting language S-lang is a C-like programming language, designed to be embedded in programs. Provides a curses style screen interface. Can provide access to program internals. Freeware for Win32 and Unix (Oct 1999)
seeR - an embeddable C-like scripting language SeeR compiles to bytecode and executes scripts written in the C/C++ languages (with some restrictions/add-ons). It supports many instances of the script, multitasking and more. Supports DJGPP, Win32, Linux, Beos (Oct 1999)
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