C++ Resource Links
Agit Informática - C++ Resources in Portugese From Brazil: Linguagem C++, Visual C++, C++ for Linux); forum C++; downloads (C/C++ free source code); C/C++ links (Aug 2002)
C++ For Artists - C++ textbook C++ For Artists: The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Object-Oriented Programming a book by Rick Miller (Oct 2003)
C++ Virtual Library Whether you're looking for a copy of the C++ draft standard, a freeware C++ library, or a C++ tutorial, the C++ Virtual Library is a great place to start. (Apr 1998)
Cetus Links - Object-Oriented Language C++ This is a mammoth catalog of links to all facets of C++ language, usage, and tools. Topics include tutorials, FAQs, Newsgroups, magazine sites, books, GUI and other libraries, commercial and freeware compiler info, and much more… (May 1998)
CodePage A highly organized listing of hundreds of links to freeware C++ libraries. The listing includes major subjects such as GUI, Scientific Computing, Communications, Data Structures. Pointers to user groups and commercial sites too.
CODERZ.GR - Programming and Linux in Greek A greek site about programming and linux. (Dec 2002)
CProgramming.COM - C/C++ resources Cprogramming.com is a web site designed to help you learn C or C++ and provide you with C and C++ programming resources. The Getting Started with C++ section gives advice about learning C++. Learn from our C++ tutorials. Bi-weekly journal (Oct 2002)
CSpot - Programming Community CSpot aims at helping programmers - especially beginners - learn C++. It contains tutorials, forums to ask questions and project publicity for more advanced programmers (Oct 2002)
ITtoolbox - C++ Portal ITtoolbox C++ offers tech forums, directory, white papers and daily news geared towards C++ programmers. The portal also provides source code, tutorials, university articles, peer publishing, job postings and much more. (Feb 2001)
MathTools.NET - technical computing portal MathTools.NET is a technical computing portal for all scientific and engineering needs. The portal is free and contains over 20,000 useful links to technical computing programmers, covering C/C++, Java, Excel, MATLAB, Fortran and others. (Dec 2001)
The Code Project - where developers share code A site where developers can share code, one can find source code. Nearly like codeguru but much more active. (Jun 2001)
TopCoder - earn money for your game coding skills TopCoder, Inc. organizes and runs C++ programming competitions for its members. Includes online recruiting and the objectivity of IT certification. TopCoder brings together highly qualified, talent-differentiated programmers. (Aug 2001)
Unofficial Borland C++ Builder Page Dennis Mattison's effort to provide information on the world of Borland C++ Builder includes a comprehensive set of links to other BCB sites, FAQs, Win32 API descriptions, and a lot more. (Jun 2002)
See also: C++ CompilersSee Also: if you are interested in C++ Resource Links you may find related topics in C++ Compilers
See also: C++ Resource LinksSee Also: if you are interested in C++ Resource Links you may find related topics in C++ Resource Links
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